How to increase traffic :stop the war of advertising

The first step to getting interest anywhere is having something to sell or offering a service. Products and services maybe offered offline or online. In today’s internet environment, social media is a must have way of driving traffic with paid advertising. Ads in Facebook are meant to generate as many likes as possible, get clicks to paid advertisements and sensitize the masses on what you are offering. To create traffic using Facebook you can do the following;

Post information that is likeable – Facebook uses Edge Rank to decide which posts generate the most visibility. The more people talk about it, they more you are seen

Sponsor your posts – You can market to specific age groups using Facebook ads by targeting people in your niche of interest

Use apps – E-commerce apps help you build a mailing list or even drive traffic to your website.

Events – If you are selling a service that is event oriented, it is a good way of getting attention to your service

Aside from Facebook advertising, another way is email marketing. Remember majority of people are not on Facebook or social media to buy stuff, they are there to connect with family, friends and socialize. Therefore social media advertising may not be the strongest method possible. E-mail marketing maybe done by Aweber or GetResponse. Research has shown that through email marketing, you can get 30$ for every 1$ you spend. 
The first step is not bombarding your target market, first build trust. Give away some free stuff to earn their trust first. The key is creating that return customer. Create a free product so that you build an email list. Share the link on a Facebook advert and in time people will gladly give you their emails. After that create an auto-responder sequence of emails that give free information before even selling anything. After you have build that trust you can begin selling. Remember that your paid advert can work wonders, you can use Pay per Click ads and advertise through Google Ad words, Yahoo and Facebook.

Note that Paid traffic will always be the shortest route to take. It will always be the fastest method to grow your online presence, promoting yourself, your products and get traffic to your website

Another method increase traffic to your website is by using SEO – All posts should be Search Engine Optimized to ensure that when poeple are searching, your content gets high ratings. If it is a blog, you can use SEO Plugins in your respective platform be it WordPress or Blogger. Apart from SEO plugins, you can get tons of plugins that can assist you generate traffic to your source. Some other plugins include Social Networking buttons, Google Analytics, Widgets for blogs that have numerous methods of making your content online visible. 

Other ways include Affiliate Marketing. How does it work? Affiliate Marketing enables you to link others so that you generate income. You can also be an affiliate an split profits 50-50 as is the case with I Writer where as an affiliate marketer, you split the profits 50-50 with the website. In Affiliate Marketing you place special banners and adverts in your website or page and any web browser buys a product from your promoter, you earn a commission. You may get 0.1 per click and 10-20$ when someone purchases a product. A good site to invest in is ClickBank which has paid lots and lost of cash to their millions of affiliates worldwide. This is done by first selecting your niche area, use keywords that drive in traffic, create quality content that really sells and solves people’s needs such that your investment is worthwhile. 

You can also pay for sponsor reviews from authority figure who are trustworthy. Sponsor reviews are more credible since unlike a banner they engage readers and are more believable. The fact of the matter is that many internet users have become cynical towards internet advertisements and rarely click on them. The other advantage of reviews is that they are permanently hosted and will always appear on search engines and gets lots of referral traffic.

Remember to make your website a brand or an extension of your brand. When any product or service becomes a brand, it sells itself and constantly generate traffic. However to make it a brand is no easy task and need constant and numerous combined ways of going about it. A long term strategy is best and ensure that if any method you use does not meet your expectations, discontinues! Why discontinue? Be strategic and invest only in what works for you.